Friday, May 27, 2011

Upon Reflection of 25 Years

Today I turn the ripe old age of 25.  My sister sent me a text today:  How does it feel to be halfway through your twenties?  Actually, not so bad!  :)  Sure, I could look at this milestone in a glass-half-empty way: If I live to be 100, that means my life is 1/4 over.  If I only reach 75, I've already gobbled up 1/3 of my years.  Don't even get me started on if I live until just 50!  But seriously, who wants to think like that?  

Although it's strange to think I've been alive for a quarter of a century, it's encouraging too.  Looking back on the past 25 years, I feel I've actually accomplished a lot in my short lifetime.  I wrote an entire book (well, probably several books at this point if you count all the revisions) and am actively pursuing publication.  I got married to a wonderful man and bought my first home.  I have a big-girl job and utilize all those math skills I never thought I'd actually need.  I studied abroad in London, graduated from college with honors, and apparently drank enough milk to grow an extra 1 1/2 inches since High School.  I nursed a dying baby ferret back to health, painted a pretty sweet jaguar, and learned how to make one kick-butt peach cobbler.  And let's not forget all those life-skills I learned in my early years, like how to tie my shoes and use the potty.  (Can't tell you how many times those things have come in handy...)

That's a lot for just 25 years; who knows what I can accomplish in the next 25, 50, or 75?  So no, my life is not 1/4 over, but 1/4 accomplished.  Of course there are regrets and "what if's," that linger in the dark corners of my mind, but there are exponentially more hopes and happy thoughts of "what's to come?"  I look forward to discovering what the next quarter century brings my way--and hope it involves a series of blockbuster movies and a Beast of Bannock theme park. ;)

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