Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Unintended Lapse

Hello!  Apologies for my lapse in posting this past week.  The "real world" has been a bit demanding since I've come back from the Highlights Workshop.  Now, instead of letting my muse run wild and partaking in deep discussions on literary matters for hours on end, I am back to work and laundry and grocery shopping and ferret litter box cleaning and...

Well, you get the point.  Hopefully, I've caught up on all those little to-do's and can get back to entertaining you all.  I did finally get the chance to add those pictures to my Highlights posts (just like I promised), so now you can enjoy my workshop summaries complete with visual aids. :)

Hopefully, I will also start doing a better job shuffling those "real world" responsibilities and get back to my own writing.  (Those revisions don't write themselves, you know!)  As such, I intend to balance my blogging and "serious" writing time, so expect a post or two a week from me for the indefinite future.  (Now that I've left the Highlights workshop, you probably don't need daily updates about what yogurt flavor I packed for lunch or when I took out the garbage anyway.)  

Thanks always for reading and look forward to some fun upcoming posts!

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