Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This December has flown by!  Every year, I always say I'm going to kick back and enjoy the season for once.  But then it's suddenly December 24th, and I realize I still have decorating/wrapping/cooking/Christmas movie watching/etc. to do.  This holiday season has definitely been one of the quickest, and it seems like the sentiment is shared by all of my family, friends and colleagues.  The presents may not be all wrapped, but everyone is happy, healthy, and together, and that's really all that matters.  :)

I did accomplish ONE new thing this year: putting up my reindeer tree topper!

This may seem like a lame accomplishment, but let me explain.  I bought this thing several years ago during a family trip to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Michigan.  I was all excited to have the little fellow top my tree, until hubby and I realized it's the dumbest design in the history of poorly-designed decorations.  It's top-heavy; the base is way too wide; and the base is also a giant spring, causing the whole thing to bounce around like a bobble head.  The first time we tried to put it up, it nearly brought down our entire tree.  And so the stupid thing has sat in our basement, making me rather sad every year.


This year, I was determined to get that darn thing up.  Six zip ties, four sap-covered hands, and several well-placed branches later....ta da!

Is it perfect?  Heck no!  But boy did my hubby and I have a silly time putting it up!  (We even tried jamming mechanical pencils in there at one point.)

The moral of this story is: Christmas doesn't have to perfect.  All you need is laughter and good company to make it a memorable one.

I hope you have a lovely holiday celebrating with your own family and friends.  I wish you the very best season and a joyous New Year! 

All the best,

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Drawsome Challenge 2014

Remember how I teased all that art last week?  Well the artpocalypse is finally upon us!

Over November, a super-talented illustrator named Amanda Iadonisi Word held a ridiculous 30-day drawing challenge.  (You should stop reading now to check out her website, Facebook page, and adorable picture book, Whiny Whiny Rhino.  She also gets full credit for coining my new favorite word, "drawsome!")  The challenge was to draw one silly sketch a day from a list of prompts for the entire month of November.  It was a lot like NANOWRIMO (aka "National Novel Writing Month" for all you non-writer folk), only with more ninjas and Pokemon.

While my art marathon overflowed a teensy bit into December (okay, over half of December to be precise), I am very happy to say that I did finish all 30 challenges!  Some prompts were a struggle, some were pure silliness, and some were borderline inappropriate, but all of them made me think outside of my usual artistic box.  So without further ado, here are my 30 Drawsome Challenges!  Prepare yourself for some really lame puns...

Day 1: Teenage Mutant Ninja______

This one could also be labeled, "Teenage Mutant Dancing-Yoga Cow Things."

Day 2: Steampunk Mario Kart Racer

I stink at drawing vehicles and anything tech-related, so I drew my dream Mario Kart instead--the kart that spits out constant bananas as you drive!  Mwa ha ha!

Day 3: Historical World Leaders as Babies

Baby Bill Clinton.  'Nuff said.

Day 4: Prehistoric Mobile Home--an Edifice on the Back of a Dinosaur

The mobile wooly mammoth home would be perfect for snowy commutes to work!

Day 5: Totem Pole or Tiki Mask of Favorite Fandom

Team Avatar animal companions--Appa, Naga, Pabu, and Momo--from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.  Momo is a dancing lemur, and he is awesome.

Day 6: An Attraction at an Anatomy-based Theme Park

Lame pun #1.

Day 7:  Role Reversal--Pokemon Force Their Trainers to Battle Each Other

Pikachu battles his trainer, Ash, Super Smash Bros-style.

Day 8: Norman Rockwell Illustrates The Walking Dead

I don't watch The Walking Dead, so I drew a pony instead.  Ponies are much more smiley than zombies.

Day 9: Unhappily Ever After--"Where Are They Now?" Disney Characters

Remy learns that cats don't need to cook; they like their food raw.  ;)

Day 10: Baked Bad Guys--Super Villains as Baked Goods

Lame pun #2.  (Elicited major groans from my hubby.)  

Day 11: Nerd or Hipster Gladiator

Puny Leonidas.

Day 12: Cat Tats

I bet naked those Sphynx cats would totally sport ink if given the opportunity.

Day 13: Food Face--Edible Facial Hair

I don't care how many people say mice are gross.  Mice are cute and cuddly.  I would let them live in my cheese beard.

Day 14: Go Go Power Park Rangers

The mighty Squirrel Ranger.

Day 15: Half Insect/Half Celebrity

Lame pun #3: Grumpy Cat-erpillar

Day 16: Mythological Creature Playing Card Design

The Chimera Joker.

Day 17: Apparel Alive--Clothes Come to Life

No one ever suspects the bunny slippers...

Day 18: Food Truck Made out of Food

Lame pun #4: An Ice Cream Truck

Day 19: Unicorn with a Swiss Army Horn

The Christmas Unicorn helps you with all your wrapping needs.

Day 20: Weaponized Puppies

Hypno Puppy will steal your soul.

Day 21: JLA or Avengers as Sea Creatures

I broke the rules and went with "Guardians of the Galaxy."  I just couldn't resist drawing marine Rocket and Groot.

Day 22: Invent a Pokemon (Basic + Evolutions)

Based off of my childhood pet snails.  (Sadly, they did not spontaneously combust.)

Day 23: Pursed People (Posh Animals Carrying Tiny People in their Purses) 

Miss Crocodile is always on the cutting edge of fashion.  And snacking.

Day 24: Adorable Monster Trucks

Ghost truck.  Have I mentioned I hate drawing vehicles?

Day 25: Teen Titans (Of the Greek Mythology Variety)

Teenage Crius, future father of the constellations.

Day 26: Samurai Selfie

The reference photos for this one were mmm mmm good.  (Hubby disagreed.)

Day 27: Happy Thievesgiving--A Group of Villains Sharing a Feast

Yeah, I was WAY too late for Thanksgiving when I got to this one.  A Very Villain Christmas seemed more appropriate for December.  I bet Donald Duck is delicious.

Day 28: Viking Circus

Seals are super adorable, even when they're balancing skulls.

Day 29: Downton Kombat--Aristocrats/Flappers/Crooners Duke it out Mortal Kombat-style

Lame pun #5.  I couldn't handle drawing any more human hands by the time I got to Day 29, so I went with Australian marsupials.  They're totally the same thing.  

Day 30: "A Christmas Snowflake Cat Pony Train" 
(special request by Amanda's daughter) 

The Fuzzy Express brings pets to all the good little boys and girls for Christmas.  I knew the excuse that "Santa can't fit a pony in his sleigh" was a big, fat lie.

And those are my 30 wacky sketches from the best drawing challenge ever created!  A big thanks to Amanda Iadonisi Word for creating the event.  It was such a blast to take part in this off-the-wall project.  I take myself WAY too seriously all the time, so it was a nice change of pace to draw boogers, baby Bill Clinton, and beard-dwelling mice.  I definitely don't think I've ever giggled quite so much while drawing.  (Apart from all the hands.  And the vehicles.  And more hands.  Hands are awful.)  It was also great to work on tiny, bite-size pieces that didn't stress me out and take 20+ hours to complete.  Hopefully, all this sketching will make me an even speedier artist in the future!  (Oh, all right--I suppose I benefited from drawing all those hands, too.)

I hope some of these silly sketches made you all chuckle!  And no, I'm not sorry for those lame puns, no matter how groan-worthy.  ;)

Note: All challenge ideas were created by Amanda Iadonisi Word.  All characters are (c) Disney, Nintendo, Nickelodeon, and lots of other properties.  No wombats or snails were harmed in the making of these sketches, but I did eat several hamburgers in honor of sketch #1.  They were tasty.)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Coffee with a Canine

Put a pin in that last post!  While I was busy compiling all of that art, I got an exciting email.  A few weeks ago, a charming blog called Coffee with a Canine asked if my dog, Penny, and I would like to take part in a "coffee date."  It involved us answering fun questions and sending in some doggy pictures.  I even doodled a little sketch of Penny for the occasion, complete with her own mug of coffee.  (I can only assume it's a bacon-flavored beverage!)

I'm happy to say that our "coffee date" is now live on the site!  You can find it at  And be sure to check out the other posts, too; it will surely quench your craving for adorable dog pictures.

A big thanks to Marshal for inviting us to participate!  Penny and I enjoyed the experience.  (And an excuse for couch-snuggling and coffee drinking!)
Now, back to that oncoming avalanche of art!  You may need to get a shovel ready to dig yourself out of it...  ;)   

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Brace Yourself...

A LOT of art.

You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I Photoshopped this image from a "Game of Thrones" wallpaper on Google.  Obviously, I'm not George R.R. Martin or affiliated with his literary legacy in any way; I just wanted to be silly.  :)