Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This December has flown by!  Every year, I always say I'm going to kick back and enjoy the season for once.  But then it's suddenly December 24th, and I realize I still have decorating/wrapping/cooking/Christmas movie watching/etc. to do.  This holiday season has definitely been one of the quickest, and it seems like the sentiment is shared by all of my family, friends and colleagues.  The presents may not be all wrapped, but everyone is happy, healthy, and together, and that's really all that matters.  :)

I did accomplish ONE new thing this year: putting up my reindeer tree topper!

This may seem like a lame accomplishment, but let me explain.  I bought this thing several years ago during a family trip to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Michigan.  I was all excited to have the little fellow top my tree, until hubby and I realized it's the dumbest design in the history of poorly-designed decorations.  It's top-heavy; the base is way too wide; and the base is also a giant spring, causing the whole thing to bounce around like a bobble head.  The first time we tried to put it up, it nearly brought down our entire tree.  And so the stupid thing has sat in our basement, making me rather sad every year.


This year, I was determined to get that darn thing up.  Six zip ties, four sap-covered hands, and several well-placed branches later....ta da!

Is it perfect?  Heck no!  But boy did my hubby and I have a silly time putting it up!  (We even tried jamming mechanical pencils in there at one point.)

The moral of this story is: Christmas doesn't have to perfect.  All you need is laughter and good company to make it a memorable one.

I hope you have a lovely holiday celebrating with your own family and friends.  I wish you the very best season and a joyous New Year! 

All the best,

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