My Fuzzy Muses

As an animal fantasy writer, I naturally love anything that barks, meows, squeaks, or moos.  My own pets are a big part of my life, and have been a major source of inspiration for my novels.  Here are the fluff-balls that serve as my fuzzy muses:



Note: I can't bear to rewrite this section about Penny yet. Just know I love and miss her very much.

Penny is the world's best kisser and snuggle-buddy.  She is also the world's best burper, which is pretty gross--and impressive--considering how tiny she is.  Everything Penny meets is her new best friend, from the neighborhood kids to spiders she finds on our walls.  Penny's sweet (and often cowardly) nature inspired one of the canine characters in my novel, Pirate Ferret.  She always keeps me company while I'm writing and illustrating, and reminds me that I should get some sleep from time to time by snoring like a grizzly bear.



Link may not be with us anymore, but he left permanent paw prints on my heart.  Link was the inspiration for Tentacles, the main character in my novel, Pirate Ferret.  He was crafty and sneaky and oh-so ambitious, stealing everything from granola bar wrappers to bags of toilet paper.  He was like Bart Simpson, Stitch, and Jack Sparrow all rolled into one.  And while he may have been a handful (and far too smart for his own good), he taught me what it means to be "ferrety."  I will always miss my little pirate ferret.



It would be impossible to talk about my furry muses without honoring Butters.  The above picture summed him up perfectly: he was a big, fluffy goofball.  When Butters wasn't stuffing his face with kibble or acting cute, he liked to bonk into walls and hide his toys in the middle of an open room.  He wasn't as crafty and sneaky as most ferrets, but he did know how to climb back into his cage for a snack and potty break during playtime.  His happy-go-lucky nature always kept me smiling, and I sorely miss his silly antics.  When I someday write about a ferret who isn't obsessed with shiny objects and grand schemes, you can bet Butters will be at their heart.

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