Thursday, December 18, 2014

Coffee with a Canine

Put a pin in that last post!  While I was busy compiling all of that art, I got an exciting email.  A few weeks ago, a charming blog called Coffee with a Canine asked if my dog, Penny, and I would like to take part in a "coffee date."  It involved us answering fun questions and sending in some doggy pictures.  I even doodled a little sketch of Penny for the occasion, complete with her own mug of coffee.  (I can only assume it's a bacon-flavored beverage!)

I'm happy to say that our "coffee date" is now live on the site!  You can find it at  And be sure to check out the other posts, too; it will surely quench your craving for adorable dog pictures.

A big thanks to Marshal for inviting us to participate!  Penny and I enjoyed the experience.  (And an excuse for couch-snuggling and coffee drinking!)
Now, back to that oncoming avalanche of art!  You may need to get a shovel ready to dig yourself out of it...  ;)   

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