Sunday, May 1, 2011

Destination: Highlights Workshop!

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delayed first-night post.  I didn’t have the password to get on the internet last night.

The trip to Honesdale was loooooong but smooth with fortunately sunny weather! (I hate driving in the rain—and we’ve certainly had a lot of that lately.)  For most of the trip, I felt like I was the only person on the highways and the mountain scenery was beautiful.

Summary points of my trip for your amusement:

-Popped in an old Yanni tape for my first musical distraction.  Suddenly remembered that I really like Yanni.  (Although the music makes me feel like I should be at a spa!)  Hadn’t listened to the tape in probably 15 years and likely would have missed out on another 15 years of Yanni enjoyment if it hadn’t been for this drive!

-Stopped at Barkeyville for lunch because the name made me happy.  Strangely, the subway in Barkeyville does not have tables.  I walked out and went to Arby’s instead.

-Caught up with old friends. :)  Today was probably the first day I’ve sat in one place for more than 10 minutes in over a month.  Now my tushie is tired from sitting too long.

-Popped in “Phantom of the Opera” tape.  Opera singing in the car did not go well.

-Watched a wild turkey take off from the side of the road, fly smack into an SUV then roll back to the side of the road.  Apparently they are not the smartest of birds.  I don’t think poor Mr. Turkey is going to make it. :(

First-night cabin. (Um, ignore that construction stuff.)
-Learned it is a bad idea to listen to Disneyland tapes in the car alone.  When there’s no one to reminisce with, it just bums you out.

-Stopped at some L-town for dinner.  Their subway did have tables.  (What a notion!)

-Road to the Highlights farmhouse was like driving through a path in the woods.  Pretty cool (albeit scary in the last minutes of dusk.)

Well, that’s about it!  I made it safe and sound and I’m getting a kick out of the mini cabins—it’s like being at summer camp again!  Can’t wait for the workshop to get started!

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