Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Remember how I like to cram my dog into silly costumes where she can't see every Halloween?

Well, say hello to.... 


Penny says, "This is even worse than last year!"

As utterly confused as she looks above, I promise Penny doesn't mind the costume the second the doorbell rings.  She looooooooves trick-or-treaters!

Penny says, "Spiderman!  And princesses!  And another Spiderman! I love this!"

And the moment the door closes, she stares at us like we're big meanies who just ruined all her fun.

Penny says, "Why'd you make all the Spidermans and princesses go away?"

Happy Halloween!

I hope you seize this opportunity to cram your favorite doggy, kitty, kiddo, or other unsuspecting victim into a ridiculous costume with googly eyes!

Penny says, "At least I can see again!"


  1. Don't worry penny!! Dustin will be by soon enough and he is always in his Spider-Man garb ;)

    1. Ah! How did I miss this comment? Haha, should we be meanies and make all the two-legged and four-legged attendees of the kiddo-puppy playdate wear costumes? ;) (I have a feeling we would enjoy it more than they would!)