Friday, May 10, 2013

SCBWI Wild Wild Midwest Conference Round Up

Howdy, partners!  I'm back from the SCBWI Wild Wild Midwest Conference with enough knowledge to fill a ten-gallon hat.  It was a rootin' tootin' weekend with a whole herd of dandy speakers and breakout sessions.  (Okay, I think that exhausts my supply of cowboy lingo!)  If you couldn't make it to the event, here are a few of my favorite pearls of wisdom from the weekend:

-Jane Yolen told us to remember that patience is everything.  It takes a lot of time, effort, and perseverance to publish a good book.  You get a chicken by hatching an egg, not by smashing it.  ;)

-Lin Oliver declared: Embrace your weirdness!  Writers are not ordinary thinkers (I think any story with a stinky cheese man or word-spinning spider makes that clear), so let your weird instincts lead you to your own unique story.

-Franny Billingsley said that you can't sit in bed and hope people will find your book.  You have to get out there and give it the very best chance you can.

-Linda Pratt reminded us that when your character gets lots in your story, so does your reader.  Think about that!

-Peter Brown showed us through his illustrations that it's okay to try new styles and techniques.  Let the story tell you how it should be illustrated (or written), and don't be afraid to take chances!

-Kathi Appelt encouraged us to write about the things we love and fear.  She also ended the final keynote with the oh-so-important reminder that anything (even our wildest dreams) is POSSIBLE!

Of course, every word spoken by every presenter was absolutely brilliant, but these were just a few of the pointers that hit home with me.  :)

Now that I'm thoroughly inspired, it's time to get back to writing, illustrating, and chasing those publishing dreams!  I definitely hope there's another Wild Wild Midwest conference on the horizon.  I'll be there with spurs on!

All I have left to say is: There's a snake in my boot!  (I really need to work on my cowboy-isms for the next conference...)

Note: Photo was taken by me at the conference.

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