Sunday, May 19, 2013

Motorcar Kathryn

I debated sharing this, but it's pathetically funny, so I figured what the heck.  (I do like making a fool of myself on this blog, now don't I?)

Last weekend, my hubby and I took a trip to Dearborn, Michigan with my family.  The trip was divided into two equal parts: a day at Greenfield Village for the ladies to enjoy some historical fun, and a day at the Henry Ford Museum for the guys to ogle cars.  (Sounds fair, right?)

While at the Henry Ford Museum, my hubby became enthralled with a touch-screen, interactive game.  After answering several multiple-choice questions, it showed you the car that best fit your personality.  Hubby was delighted to discover that because of his "fun-loving nature," he is most like the 1955 Corvette Roadster.

Vroom Vroom Hubby.

After seeing his sports car match, I said, "Ooooh--that looks like fun!  Let me try!"  So I answered all the questions and eagerly waited for my profile.  And what car did it match me to?

The 1989 Honda Accord Sedan, due to my "reliability and close attention to detail."

That's right--a SEDAN!  Not even a coupe!

At first I was offended.  Affronted.  Indignant.  How dare they compare ME to a boring old Accord!

And then I realized it's true--a bit sad, yes, but undeniably true.  I may not be the flashiest, or adventurous, or funnest vehicle out there, but by golly can you count on me to get you where you need to go.  (And make sure you have plenty of cup holders and leg room, too.)

That didn't stop hubby from mercilessly making fun of me, though.

Until hours later when he asked, in a panic, if I'd thought to pack his medicine (which the fun-loving Corvette had forgotten.)

And of course, the reliable little Accord had.

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