Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Renaissance Festival Fun

With all the writing and illustration practice that's been occupying my time recently, I decided to take a little break for some Ohio Renaissance Festival fun!  Renaissance Festivals are a jolly good time for Fantasy writers and Fantasy lovers alike, and my festival troupe included my good writing buddy, my little sister, and her medieval-fanatic friend.
The Ohio Renaissance Festival takes place in Harveysburg, OH, at a permanent, recreated 16th century English village.  It's brimming with shops, shows, and Renaissance enthusiasts in every sort of costume imaginable.  We spent our day:
Eating ginormous turkey legs....
Huzzah for turkey legs!
Watching hilarious shows...
Men in tights are always funny!  :)
Trying on tails...
Apparently these are fashionable?
And watching jousting tournaments!
Knights + horses + collisions = awesome!
The joust is always my favorite part of the day, and this year's tournament featured knights from one of my favorite TV shows, "Full Metal Jousting."  I even got my picture taken with the knight I'd been rooting for during the TV finale!  
Sir Matthew was kind enough to pose for a picture with me!
After stuffing myself with turkey, cider, and cheesecake-on-a-stick; purchasing my share of Renaissance wares; and satisfying my craving for sports involving horses and pointy objects, I'm ready to get back to work again!  But it certainly is nice to take a break from the boring 21st century for a day!  :)

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