Saturday, September 22, 2012

10 Years of Happiness

Today is a special day for me.  It's the 10th Anniversary of when my husband and I officially started "dating."  You know, when we went from "going out" to "going out."

If you haven't guessed from the term "going out," I married my high school sweetheart!  It's weird to think I met the man I was going to marry when I was just sixteen.  A lot of people don't take high school romances seriously.  And I don't blame them; most don't last more than a few weeks.  But some relationships have that little something extra that makes them last past the one month mark--and then some!

My hubby and I ten years ago all spiffed up for Homecoming.

I don't write teen romance novels, but I can certainly appreciate them.  Just like real teenage romances, I think a lot of adults don't take the relationships in YA books seriously.  A girl and guy/werewolf/vampire/ninja/zombie/wizard fall desperately in love and think their relationship will last past Prom?   (Insert a mother's raised eyebrow here.)  Well I say, why not?  Sure, there's a good chance the werewolf will eat the girl/turn her into a werewolf/die tragically, but they could live Happily Ever After. 

Arguably, my hubby never fought a vampire coven or protected me from Dementors while we were dating in high school, but I like to think he would have if the opportunity presented itself.  (And yes, his Patronus would have been a ferret!)  I just ask people to remember the real-life YA love stories before scoffing at the written ones.

And to all of my teen blog readers--keep those eyes open!  You never know when that cute guy in Algebra will turn out to be your soul-mate!  (Or a ninja--that's even cooler than a soul-mate!)

Happy 10 Year (Dating) Anniversary, Hubby!      


  1. awwww congrats you two smitten kittens!!! happy 10 years... that is quite the accomplishment! Hope to see you next month!

    1. Thanks Ruth! (It is strange to think it's been that long... And you were there at the beginning!) I am very much looking forward to seeing you when you're in town! :)