Thursday, September 20, 2012

2013 N. Ohio SCBWI Calendar Contest

If you've been wondering what's been occupying my time recently, this is it!  The Northern Ohio SCBWI conference is this weekend, and I decided to enter this year's calendar contest again! 
The contest organizers gave us artists full rein this year, and we could draw whatever we wanted.  While I was considering the topic of children's writing and illustrating, this little jaguar cub popped into my head.  He's kicking back with a good novel--and naturally it's The Jungle Book.  It was fun imagining how a cub would react to Mowgli's adventure.  (Although, I imagine his favorite characters would be Bagheera and Shere Khan!)
Boy, have I learned a lot since last year's contest!  (You can see my 2012 entry here.)  It's encouraging to see how much I've improved as a digital artist over the past twelve months.  This entry was so much fun to do!  I tried some new things, like making my own jungle foliage brushes and experimenting with light sources.  I'm also feeling a bit more comfortable with painting backgrounds.  (They're not quite as intimidating as they used to be!)  Overall, I'm very happy with this piece and am optimistic that I will keep on improving!
I find out on Saturday if my entry will be in the 2013 calendar.  Wish me luck!  :)

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