Saturday, April 28, 2012

Highlights Bound 2012

Today was my travel day to the Highlights Fantasy Reunion Workshop.  This year, I decided to fly instead of drive.  Nine hours wasn't a terrible drive last year, but I arrived exhausted and returned home super-exhausted after a rather, well, exhausting week.  Flying was so much more relaxing and enjoyable, allowing me to spend down time reading instead of singing Animaniacs songs to myself.  However, flying was a lot more boring, too, and not nearly as adventurous as my road trip from last year.

Summary points of my trip for your amusement:

-Had a fun conversation with hubby about my electronics choices this morning:
      Me: I'm not sure I can cram my CD's and CD player into my carry-on bag.
      Brandon: (snorts) CD's?  You're taking CD's? AND a CD player?
  It may be time for me to invest in an iPod....
-Was checked for questionable items three different times at airport security.  Apparently, I looked suspicious today.  At least I didn't have any kindergarten scissors for them to confiscate this time.  (One time, security found three separate pairs of child-proof scissors on me and threw them all away.  I'm not kidding.)

-Later, had an odd conversation with security at my layover airport:
      Me: Excuse me.  I've never been to this airport before.  Is the Sbarro's closed?
      Security: How do you know there's a Sbarro's if you've never been here before?
      Me: Um, I checked the directory?
      Security: (Gives me a long, hard stare.) Okay then.
  Apparently, I looked extra-suspicious today...

-Played a game using the stylus for the first time on my 3DS. (I've only had it for four months...)  I'm certain I looked like a baffled monkey poking the screens with a stick.

-Kept dozing off, then jerking awake on the 25 minute plane ride to Scranton.  Pretty sure I freaked out the passenger next to me on multiple occasions.

The best part of the day, though, was that we had our first Highlights feast tonight!  (The workshop officially starts tomorrow, but some of us out-of-towners arrived a little early.)  First, we were treated to crostini and crackers with brie for appetizers.  Our main-course spread consisted of lamb and goat curry over rice, zucchini pancakes, roasted sweet potatoes, and a delicious hearty bread.  (I don't even like curry and it was delicious!)  We finished with tangy rhubarb pie and whipped cream for dessert.

Oh, my pants are going to hate me this week...

The workshop officially starts tomorrow, so it's time for me to catch up on some sleep!  (And dream of what goodies breakfast will bring!)

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