Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home From Disney!

I'm holding hands with my Peter Pan shadow!

Hello again!  Long time no see, eh?  I am now home from Disney with my Mom and little sister and had an absolutely wonderful time.  We ate, we laughed, we got lost, we ate, we bonded, we laughed some more, and ate until even my little sister had to refuse dessert.  Contrary to that sleeping Simba at the bottom of my last post, I am NOT well-rested (12 hour days in the park will wear you out), but my spirit is certainly happier.  :)

If it was up to me, I'd visit Mickey every year.  (I think it would do wonders for my stress-levels.)  Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't have a limitless supply of Disney Dollars.  As such, during my last trip, my little sister was literally little:

Awww, how cute!

So much time passed between those trips, that now she's not so little anymore:

In fact, now she's taller than me!

I feel extremely fortunate that I had this opportunity to spend some quality time with her, because she could very well be in college before my next trip!  We made a lot of goofy memories...

Case in point.

...brought out our inner preschoolers...


..and did I mention we ate a lot?

Yes, I am totally double-fisting dessert!

And even though it was not quite as warm as we would have liked...

Add some gumdrop buttons, and I'm Gingerbread Kathryn!

...we loved every minute of the Disney magic.

We're the Three Mousketeers!

The "real world" could learn a lot from Disney's world.  Where else can you go where strangers make you feel like family, little girls can be princesses, and everyone is unconditionally encouraged to follow their dreams--no matter how foolish and far-fetched those dreams may be?  :)

So, have I inspired you to go on a magical Disney Trip too?  Well, one of my other sisters, Amy Canterbury, just so happens to be a Disney Travel Agent with "Off To Neverland Travel."  She planned our entire trip, from dinner reservations to resort booking, so we didn't have to lift one finger!  If you ever feel that irresistible Disney World tug, you should check out her Facebook page here.  (You don't even pay her for her services--Disney does!  Score!)  I guarantee she'll make your trip extra-magical. 

Over the next couple days, I'm going to post some more pics and details about our trip highlights--especially the food.  If you are interested (or love Disney as much as I do), you should check back!   

(Warning: reading upcoming blog posts may cause excessive mouth-watering and a loss of control over your wallet.  Don't say I didn't warn you.)

In fact, this post has hit me with a wave of nostalgia.  Can I go back to Disney now?


  1. that first picture of you with your shadow is HILARIOUS! I want to go to disney right now!! but I will have to wait till probably later this year, depending on when we move and where. thanks for the pics and I just got a HUGE wave of nostalgia from my last few disney trips... so fun! glad you had a good time.

  2. You should go! (Especially before you have a baby-bulge too big to fit in the ride cars.) I have a feeling Dustin would love everything Mickey...

  3. Is it weird that when I see the picture of the long horned cattle, I immediately imagine Bullbos from Zelda??

  4. You are so right--they absolutely do look like Zelda monsters should be riding them! Perhaps that's why I was subconsciously compelled to take a picture of them...