Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do You Have Your Zelda Calendar?

It's new AND improved!

Remember back in November when I entered the "History of Hyrule" Legend of Zelda calendar contest?  Well, I completely forgot to update you with the results!  I didn't make it into the official fanart calendar, but I'm still thrilled I managed to finish the entire piece.  (AND, I did make it into the Northern Ohio SCBWI calendar, so no worries--2011 was quite a fulfilling art year!)  The winners had some spectacular entries and I just knew many of them would be picked as the best of the best. 

The super-cool thing, though, is that the site master created a template so anyone can make a FREE calendar with their favorite entries!  I was so happy when I read this announcement; a few of my favorite entries weren't chosen as winners, and this template lets everyone print their own one-of-a-kind fanart calendar.  If you're a Zelda fan and don't have a 2012 calendar yet, you can head over to the site and create one with your favorite pieces.  (There's a really sweet pic of Link leading a bunch of cute animals on parade.  It would be great for May--the best month ever and a certain blogger's birth month.  Just saying.)  Because I'm a nit-picky perfectionist, I couldn't resist working on some of the trouble spots in my pic over the past few months, and the site has my new and improved entry up and ready for downloading.  (I am much happier with the piece now!)

So why didn't I tell you about this weeks ago?  Well, the calendar site had a few blips, and then I went on vacation, and then I plum forgot.  And if you think about it, Chinese New Year was on Monday, so technically the new year is just getting started!  (Yeah, I finally put up my calendar yesterday...)   You can download the Zelda calendar here and see all the winning entries, too!  And while you're on the site, do take a look around; History of Hyrule has a wealth of goodies for any Zelda fan.  (By the way, you also still have a few more days to order a Northern Ohio SCBWI calendar if video game art is not your cup of tea.  Alas, they are not free, but they are worth every penny and support a great organization!)

"History of Hyrule" is announcing their 2013 Calendar Contest theme soon.  I can't wait to get started on this year's entry!  :)

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