Sunday, November 6, 2011

Squirrel Babies!

Remember back in September when I posted about all the things I love (and mostly hate) about fall?  Well, squirrel babies at my office are one of the best things about the season!

As much as my job may drive me bananas, I am extremely fortunate that when I look out my window, I see this:

Ah, calming, pretty trees....
And in that big tree just a few feet away from my desk lives Momma Squirrel.  She moved in about three years ago and has a litter of adorable squirrel babies every spring and fall.  I start getting excited around September and March, wondering when those furry cuties will first appear on the branch.  This fall's litter was no disappointment.  However, catching them on camera was a bit of a challenge.  (I now have a new respect for the limitless patience of nature photographers--and a plethora of blurry squirrel-tail pics!)  I swear, those guys must have thought it was a grand game to sit still until the moment I pushed the button, then chuckle in their little squirrel way and scamper to another branch.  Sneaky little things....

This season's litter had three babies and I was shocked to see they were already kindergarten-sized squirrels by the time I spied them.  (I'm guessing the weather must have kept them in their nest during their earliest days.)  Although I snapped a good two-dozen pics, those wily critters out-squirreled me time and time again.  I did score a few good shots, though!

Squirrel baby is not so confident on the ground...

Squirrel babies use their tails as umbrellas in the rain!  Too cute!

Squirrel baby raided Mr. Chipmunk's hole.  He is a smug squirrel...

Squirrel babies like to hide.

And of course, I can't forget Momma Squirrel herself!

Momma Squirrel says, "Those kids drive me nuts!"
If it wasn't for the antics of squirrel babies bouncing from branch to branch, tackling each other, and mimicking Momma Squirrel, I seriously think I might have lost it in the office on more than one occasion.  But seeing those adorable babies brings a smile to my face--and a chuckle or two--every time I look out my window.

Now that it's November and my squirrel babies are now squirrel teens, I know they'll leave the nest soon and start their own adorable families elsewhere.  It will be a few bleak months, indeed, but Momma squirrel's spring babies will be here before you know it!  :)

I hope my squirrel babies put a smile on your face, too!  Do you get to enjoy any critters or scenic views at your place of work?


  1. ahahaha oh kathryn, only you would have squirrel babies outside your office. so so cute. also, kevin has been killing baby squirrels recently and bringing them in our house... but none of them were furry yet, so i think they just fell out of trees :( i like your baby squirrels much better than ours :) and yes we are staying in the area. we should get together again soon!

  2. Your squirrel baby story makes me sad. Hopefully, some will grow up to be cute and furry and will scamper around your yard without kitty eating them. :) Glad to hear you are staying--we will definitely need to have another baby-puppy playdate!