Sunday, November 20, 2011

7th Grade Kathryn Takes Over

Today is a momentous day--a day that makes the spirit of 7th Grade Kathryn jump for joy and grin from ear to ear.  That's because today is the day that the new Legend of Zelda game, "Skyward Sword" is finally being released!  And 7th Grade Kathryn has good reason to be happy--new, main console Zelda games are a rarity, coming out on average once every 3 to 5 years.  And that is a looooong time for a seventh-grader to wait!

I've mentioned before that the Zelda games are one of the three points of my Influence Trifecta (along with The Lion King and Harry Potter) that put me on my current writing path.  (Heck, in the spirit of the day, I'll even call it my Influence "Triforce" like a true Zelda-nerd!)  I actually played my first Zelda game, "Ocarina of Time," when I was in 7th grade and it affected my life in ways I would never have imagined.  I'll tackle this topic another day, but in short, Zelda gave me adventure in a mundane world.  In a life filled with homework, chores, and futile crushes on boys who didn't even know I existed, Zelda gave me the chance to conquer dungeons, ride a noble steed, rescue the princess and save the world.  (Well, the world of Hyrule, at least.)

Nowadays, my adult-life is filled with laundry, bill paying, manuscript revisions and (of course) emptying ferret litter boxes.  (Ferrets are poop machines!)  And with all that poop, there just isn't much room for adventure.  As I mentioned in this post here, this situation doesn't make 7th Grade Kathryn very happy.  And 7th Grade Kathryn wants to be happy today.  The last new Zelda game I played, "Twilight Princess," came out in 2006 when I was a junior in college (boy does that seem ages ago!)  7th Grade Kathryn has been looking forward to rumors of "Skyward Sword" ever since.  Nintendo is a bit of a tease, and I've had Christmas money saved up for "Skyward Sword" since it's "scheduled release" date over two years ago.  (After all this time, I'd almost forgotten where I squirreled it away!)  But now, that wait is over and look!

It's so beautiful...

Here is my brand new game (and special edition golden Wiimote that makes 7th Grade Kathryn's mouth water!)  But wait--what's this?

A pile of laundry?

A stack of bills?

Pages of revision notes?

Ferrets say, "Eww--we are poop machines.

Why, cruel world, why?

Ordinarily, I would look longingly at the game, sigh, and turn my attention to that "To Do" list.  BUT NOT TODAY!

Today I am taking a page out of 7th Grade Kathryn's book and doing what I want to do.  I am going to sit all day in my jammie pants with a cup of hot chocolate and play "Skyward Sword" until my eyes fall out.  (Adventurers don't have time to be bothered with bills and ferret poop!)  Coincidentally, today my hubby is following his 7th Grade heart and picking up his newly-purchased Triumph Spitfire project car.  And so, I encourage you to do the same!  Go indulge your 7th Grade Self!  You have no reason not to slack off.  The weather's yucky, there's frozen pizza in the freezer, and the holiday craziness is still a few days away.  In true 7th Grade fashion, you don't even have to shower if you don't want to!  (Although, I did.  Just saying.  I didn't want to be that stinky-geek in line at GameStop.) 

If you were still in middle school, what would your 7th Grade Self want to do?  Elaborately paint your toenails?  Bake cookies?  Take a 5 hour nap?  Read a book, watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," or gush over the hunky actors in celebrity magazines?  DO IT!  I give you permission!  All hail your 7th Grade Self just for today!

As such, 7th Grade Kathryn is currently tapping her foot impatiently and glaring daggers at me, demanding, "Why are you wasting precious Zelda-time by blogging?!"  And so, I bid you goodbye and hope you have a delightful, 7th Grade-inspired day.  (I may have to make this an annual event!)

"Skyward Sword," here I come!   

Note: Picture of Link and Skyward Sword logo are borrowed from google images and (c) Nintendo.

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