Tuesday, December 1, 2015

COSCBWI Meeting November 2015

November flew by like a crisp autumn breeze!  (Which is why my COSCBWI meeting summary blog post is just a smidge late!)

After a year of hard work diligently writing and illustrating, the November meeting featured a chance to kick back and relax.  In honor of an oh-so beloved children's author, the group watched Miss Potter--a movie about the life and work of Beatrix Potter.  Everyone munched on popcorn and cookies, and fun was definitely had by all!

Members who attended the movie night also got a sneak peek at the winning set of printed cards for the 2015 Notecard Contest.  This was the first year that Central and Southern Ohio SCBWI ran a contest for illustrators.  The theme was "Seasons of Inspiration" and artists were instructed to illustrate a notecard for their favorite season.  COSCBWI members cast their votes via an online survey, and two winners were chosen to represent each season in a one-of-a-kind notecard set.  The winning illustrations are just lovely!

They can be ordered online here, but supplies are limited so don't delay!

November marked the last COSCBWI meeting for the year, but monthly meetings will begin again in January 2016.  Be sure to visit ohiocensouth.scbwi.org for info on next year's events.

I can't wait to see old friends and new faces at the meetings in 2016! 

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