Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

Today is October 31, which means....


I have way too much fun picking out Halloween costumes for my dog, Penny.  Froggy PennyDragon Penny, and Hula Penny have all been crowd-pleasers.

This year, say hello to....


My super-tolerant, endlessly-patient dog is awesome.  This year, she let me put both googly eyes AND antennae on top of her head.  One of Penny's most beloved toys is a little one-clawed lobster, so I channeled her inner crustacean for this year's costume.

It's rather adorable how excited Penny gets for Halloween.  The picture taking is her least favorite part, but once I'm done, she's all tail-wags and happy yipping until I take her outside to greet the Trick-or-Treaters. 

Penny says, "Can we please please please please please go outside now?"

It wasn't rainy this year, so we got to sit on the front stoop.  The kids couldn't come to our house fast enough for Penny.

Penny says, "Where are they?  Where are the kids?!"

Unfortunately, the temperature dropped rather quickly and we had a shivering puppy for most of the night.  She still enjoyed greeting our neighbors from the warmth of our laps, and giving kisses whenever kids got close.  It was hilarious to see everyone's reactions to our furry lobster, although one little girl was insistent she was an ant.

This isn't the only costume I put our dog in this year.  As you may recall from last year, Penny was bizarrely enthusiastic about being a frog.  I got her old costume out just to see how she would react...

Penny says, "YAY!  I'M A FROG AGAIN!"
...And she whined and wagged and bounced and barked, clearly thrilled to see her amphibian clothes again.  I dressed her up and let her hop around for a while, catching the proof on camera.  So there we have it--my dog wants to be a frog.  What a weirdo.   

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have a spooktacular day filled with pumpkin goodies, hot apple cider, and adorably costumed pets and kiddos!

Penny says, "Pinch, pinch!"

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