Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Happy 2015 Blog Post (Complete with Resolutions!)

Happy Official New Year!  (It's only January 8th--but who's counting, right?)

I've always thought this is a bittersweet time of the year.  Looking back on the past twelve months brings mixed feelings of accomplishment and discouragement.  My resolutions were pretty simple last year: keep moving forward in my writing, art, and spend more time doing things I like and enjoying my loved ones.

Overall, I did pretty well.  I created a lot of art, tried some new techniques, and drew new subjects.  I compiled my first portfolio and had my first professional illustration critiques.  I think I've become a bit speedier in my art, and I even drew some humans (which I enjoy about as much as eating broccoli).  I'll call this category a success.

My writing life wasn't as productive as I hoped, due largely to the passing of our second ferret just six months after we lost our first one.  But I reconnected with Pirate Ferret over the summer at my Highlights Unworkshop and worked on some picture books during the second half of the year.  I attended conferences, had encouraging critiques, and moved forward, even if it was just with baby steps.  I'll call this category a half-success.

On the home front, I made a conscious effort to shut my work-self off from time to time and do more things with my loved ones.  I even finished a few video games in my ginormous backlog of titles and read a few books just for fun, so huzzah!   I'll call this category a significant improvement.  (Although there is still plenty of room to do better!)

So what are my thoughts for 2015?

I have no idea where this year will take me, so I'll just keep moving forward.  I want to dive back into Pirate Ferret and become brave enough to work on concept art for my characters.  I want to not hate drawing humans and not be an utter nitpicker.  I want to simplify, simplify, simplify.   I want to submit some stuff to some places.  And I want to play The Legend of Zelda for hours on end from time to time and have some Netflix marathons with my hubby.

I think that's a good start. 

I wish you a very creative, happy, and inspired new year!  Let's all keep sailing towards our dreams in 2015.

Note:  Blank art summary meme was created by user DustBunnyThumper on deviantArt.  link   It's such a fun thing to fill out each new year.  :)

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