Thursday, January 29, 2015

COSCBWI Meeting January 2015

It's that time again--time to kick off a new year of COSCBWI meetings!

As I've mentioned in the "About Me" section of this little blog, I'm the Membership Coordinator for the Central and Southern Ohio chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.  (Yes, that is a mouthful!)  I love going to the COSCBWI meetings and events, and post summaries of them here on my blog for anyone who may have missed attending, as well as anyone who is interested in children's publishing topics.  I've done this for the past few years and look forward to doing so again in 2015.

The first COSCBWI meeting of 2015 was a meet-and-greet and overview of the organization.  Introductions were made around the room, and it was great to see old faces and meet brand new members.  Some changes have been made regarding the COSCBWI website, contact info, and social media sites, so here is all the updated group information as of 1/2015:

Twitter: @CSOhioSCBWI
Facebook: Central Southern Ohio SCBWI

The listserv is a particularly neat benefit for COSCBWI members.  It's an online network provided for active members, where writers and illustrators can share news, look for critique partners, and ask questions to other members in the COSCBWI region.  The region oversees Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, so the listserv is a great way for members to connect across the state. 

Don't forget that the national SCBWI website has a wealth of resources for writers and illustrators, including a forum, past issues of The Bulletin, and grant opportunities.  If you're a member of SCBWI, or thinking about joining, do check out the website at to see everything SCBWI has to offer.  And if you ever want to learn more about the upcoming events and news specific to the Central and Southern Ohio region, the chapter website is the best place to go and will be updated regularly in 2015.  (That's in case you missed it above!)

The meeting ended with a member manuscript critique.  Group critiques are a great way to get feedback on your work, as well as share your writing and illustrating knowledge with other members.  COSCBWI is a welcoming and encouraging community of children's lit enthusiasts, so don't be shy about sharing your work when opportunities come up!

The next meeting will take place on February 25 with details soon to be posted on the website.  I hope to see you then!

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