Monday, June 24, 2013

Back from the Beach!

After a week of fun in the sun, I am back home in Ohio!  (And just a wee bit crispy.)  I had a nice, relaxing time in Hilton Head and thoroughly enjoyed walking along the beach and watching the waves.  (We even saw a few dolphins off shore!)


Highlights of the week included eating the best baby back ribs EVER, slurping delicious gelato, nomming on peanut butter fudge, and gorging myself on a pirate buffet.  (Um, the food may have been my favorite part of the trip!)

Of course, no beach vacation is complete without some sand pictures!  While the sand wasn't ideal for scribbling, I did draw a bubbly seahorse...


...and my favorite cartoon pony!

My little little pony...

Now, I'm all rested and ready to get back to blogging!  (Although I certainly wouldn't mind eating another pirate buffet...)

Note: All art and photos are (c) me, Kathryn Powers.  Twilight Sparkle (the pony) is (c) Hasbro.

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