Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upon Reflection of 2012

Well, 2012 has come and gone!  Before jumping into 2013, I feel I should probably take a moment to reflect on my 2012 Resolutions and see how many I actually accomplished.

You may remember that back in June, I did a mid-year evaluation and proposed some revised resolutions based on my ones from January.  Here's how I made out:

Revised 2012 Resolutions (as seen here)
(Note: Purple shows my mid-year progress and orange are my final results.)

~complete another round of revisions on Beast of Bannock manuscript
      -Just keep swimming...
      -Alas, no.  (My poor neglected Ellis!)
~finish first draft of Pirate Ferret
      -Just keep swimming...
      -YES! AND finished several subsequent drafts!  HAPPY DANCE!
~send out more query letters (blegh)
      -See above.  (I can't put the cart before the horse, now can I?)
      -Soooooooo very very close!
~keep up with SCBWI bulletins 
      -So far so good!
      -Totally derailed on this one.  FAILED!
~continue this delightful blog  :) 
      -Well, duh!
      -Mission accomplished!
~uncover the One Big Secret to publishing success
      -Hey, I can dream, can't I?  ;) 
      -Hopefully getting there...  :)

~just have SOMETHING artistic to show for each month
      -Baby steps  :)
      -YES!  Battleship sunk!
~draw one human--just ONE
      -I can do ONE by December 31st! I swear!
      -I did!  I did!  Booyah!  link
~experiment with digital painting tools and techniques
      -I'll learn how to paint fur and grass AFTER I figure out what all those brushes do
      -YES!  Experimented with grass, leaves, snow, and more!  (see my DA gallery)
~complete another month or two of the exercise "30 ____ in 30 Days"
      -I think the above 3 goals are plenty
      -I was right.  There was NO time for this.
~keep up with online art network
      -That deviantArt inbox is already getting full!
      -Aye!  (My DA inbox never seems to get smaller, but I guess that's a good thing!)
~feel confident enough to throw my hat into the illustrator ring
      -Maybe by the end of the year...
      -Um, this cowardly artist will also stick that under "Getting There..."

Pertaining to Health and/or Sanity Well-Being:
~play video games once a week
      -This may sound stupid to you, but it's important to me
      -Meh.  Off and on--at least more successful than most years.
~take dog for walk twice a week
      -It's summer.  No excuses.
      -Sorry puppy.  I FAILED!
~watch just 6 movies that are still in plastic wrap
      -That's only one per month!
      -This one also gets a big ol' goose egg.  FAILED!
~try one new recipe per month
      -Piece of cake! (And cake recipes count!)
      -YES!  (And what a yummy accomplishment!)
~strive to be in bed before midnight 
      -Ain't gonna happen. Why stress about it?
      -Didn't happen, but I have been getting at least 6 hours on most nights!
~spend more quality time with my hubby and furry family
      -Always room for improvement!
      -I think I did much better at this by the end of 2012!
~pay someone else to figure out how to clone me 
      -Like I have time to discover that!
      -If only... 

After weighing these successes and failures, I give myself an overall score of: Not Too Shabby!  Sure, I didn't accomplish everything on my list of resolutions, but I can definitely put check marks next to a few biggies!  Plus, some of my "failures" have actually involved taking big strides towards making them "successes," so I suppose they're not total flops after all.

Upon consideration of your own resolutions, how did you do?  I hope your successes, failures, and inbetweeners have given you a good jumping off point for 2013!

Now, it's time for me to scamper off and come up with this year's resolutions!   :)


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