Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Resolutions!

Happy 2013 everyone! I hope you all had a great time welcoming the new year!  Now that we've all evaluated our resolutions from 2012, it's time to make new ones for this year!  Just like last year, I'm not going to attempt to tackle anything enormous and over-zealous, like becoming as successful  as J.K. Rowling or buying my own island.  Instead, my resolutions are modest and achievable, but will still push me to be my very best. 

So what's on my 2013 "To Do" list?

~send out query letters for Pirate Ferret manuscript
~go Amadeus on Beast of Bannock manuscript
~maybe start a brand new project?
~catch up (and keep up) with SCBWI bulletins
~continue this delightful blog  :)
~follow more blogs on writing (and illustrating)
~read at least 4 books in my ginormous stack of neglected novels
~practice sketching digitally with my tablet
~illustrate something every month (a small or big piece is okay!)
~experiment with techniques and styles
~try something new in every piece (fur, water, wings--who knows!)
~complete one month of the exercise "30 ____ in 30 Days"
~try speed-painting for background practice (and thwarting my inner nit-picker)
~feel confident enough to throw my hat into the illustrator ring 

Pertaining to Health and/or Sanity Well-Being:
~do something active a few times a week 
~do something enjoyable every day
~complete 3 unfinished video games
~strive for 7 hours of sleep each night
~try new things to reduce my frequency of migraines (and boy are they frequent...)
~spend more quality time with my hubby and furry family
~learn how to say "No" and turn myself off occasionally

Further, if there's one thing I learned in 2012, it's that one should always expect the unexpected.  Illnesses, work demands, and an unfortunate manuscript theft situation all threw kinks into my 2012 plans.  This year, I hope to roll with the punches a little better and not let those unexpected circumstances stress me out so much, even if they mean altering my ultimate resolutions.

And those are my goals for 2013!   What are some of your resolutions for the new year?

I wish you a joyful and creative new year!  Welcome 2013!

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  1. Happy New Year, Katherine! Congrats on the goals you completed in 2012, and best of luck with your 2013 resolutions!

    1. Hi Holly! Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you, too! I hope you accomplished your goals for 2012 and have some fun new ones planned for 2013! :)

      Hope to see you at lots of SCBWI meetings this year!