Saturday, December 1, 2012

COSCBWI November 2012: Year-End Celebration

November's COSCBWI meeting was a gathering to celebrate our published members. Authors Nancy Roe Pimm and Amelia Shearer and illustrator, Nikki Boetger, were the showcased members. They told their inspiring success stories and shared their books with us. Each member found a completely different route to publication, and it's always so heartening to hear there are many ways to break into the business. (Just like there's no wrong way to eat a Reese's.)

With drinks and desserts in hand, we then shared as a group everyone's writing and illustration goals for the end of the year. Many of the members are getting ready to submit to Kristin Ostby after attending the COSCBWI Fall Workshop a few weeks ago. Some are blazing their way through NANOWRIMO, and others are just dipping their toes into the world of children's writing by attending their first COSCBWI meeting. I wish everyone the best of luck as they pursue their year-end goals! :)

This was the last monthly meeting for 2012. We're currently planning an exciting schedule of meetings for 2013, and our Regional Advisor, Linda Miller, would love to hear any input from our loyal members. Feel free to email her at, or drop a message on our new Facebook page at (You can even leave a comment here and I'll be sure it gets to her!) Thanks for helping us have a successful year!

Happy (early) Holidays! I look forward to seeing the COSCBWI gang again in 2013!

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