Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Doggy Nightmare!

Today is Halloween!  While it's a fun day of dress-up for kiddos everywhere, it's a horrifying day of doggy costumes for canines.

Yes, every year owners like myself enjoy cramming their pooches into outfits of the most hilarious and wacky variety.  Dogs slump their ears and tails as they endure wearing googly eyes on top of their heads, frilly tutus, and jiggly extra-appendages.  And why do we take joy in their suffering?

Because it's so darn adorable!

Submarine Bailey says, "Why, human, why?"  (Yes, that is a doggy frown.) 

My dog, Penny, has grown accustomed to my need to put her in ridiculous outfits once a year.

Year 1: Angel Penny says, "I can't see!"

Year 2: Spider Penny says, "I still can't see!"

Year 3: Reindeer Penny says, "Really?  We couldn't skip one year?"

Which brings us to this year!  Presenting Hula Penny!

Year 4: Hula Penny says, "At least I can see..."

You see?  She's gotten much more tolerant of my doggy torture devices with each year.  (Or perhaps I've just crushed her soul into submission.)

I assure you, we did still have some miserable pictures during this year's photo session, though.

Penny says, "Are we done yet?"

"I hate you."

Fortunately, she loves trick-or-treaters so much that she forgets she's wearing anything after two minutes.  :)

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!  (And Penny hopes you don't dress up your best canine buddy as a spider or submarine.) 

Happy Halloween! 

Note: All photos of Penny were taken by me.  Bailey is my mom's dog, and the picture was taken by my little sister.  (Used with their permission, of course.)

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