Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best Simpsons Ever!

My friend, Ruth, recently brought an episode of The Simpsons called "The Book Job" to my attention.  I am a big fan of the older Simpson's episodes (I haven't watched many of the newer seasons), so this one slipped past my radar.  (In fact, if I turned my Influence Trifecta into an Influence Rectangle, The Simpsons would be added as the fourth leg for giving me my wacky sense of humor!)  This episode is a MUST SEE for any writer.  In short, the episode is about Homer and Bart scamming the publishing industry by writing the next best-selling tween fantasy series.  Lisa struggles to write a "real" book; Homer and Bart head an intricate heist team ala The Italian Job; and hilarity ensues.  The script writers for this episode are spot-on with their jokes about writers, the writing process, and the publishing industry.  (Must come from personal experience!)  I literally could not stop laughing the entire episode.
Homer's partners-in-crime.
If you have an extra 25 minutes and feel like a good laugh, you can check out the episode on Hulu here: "The Book Job".  I'm not sure how long the show will be available for viewing, though, so if it disappears, I apologize for getting your hopes up.
(Disclaimer: After viewing the episode myself, I can attest it is generally full of "clean humor," but there may be a mild curse word or two.  Don't say I didn't warn you.) 
If you are a writer, know a writer, or just like to laugh, I highly recommend watching "The Book Job."  It will make you forget (momentarily) about all those revisions you really should be working on...  ;)
Lisa says, "Aaah! I just wasted another 25 minutes slacking off!"

 Note: The Simpsons and all characters are owned my 20th Century Fox.  Pics are from google images.


  1. haha glad you enjoyed it... it certainly gave me a good laugh... mostly over the trolls and all the vampire rediculousness! 1412 views!! looks like your blog is doing well! :)

  2. Oh, the trolls and vampire jokes were too funny! I loved Lisa's procrastination issues--that's me (and all the writers I know) in a nutshell! The blog is doing remarkably well--I'm tickled pink by all those site views. :)