Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Update

I feel like it's been a little quiet around here recently!  Apart from my regular COSCBWI meeting summary posts, I haven't had much time for blogging this summer.  Travel and showers and weddings have kept me busy, with lots more to come!  I've also been hard at work wrapping up a few projects, and am starting to get my portfolio and manuscript ready for the upcoming Northern Ohio SCBWI conference in September.  (Phew--I feel like I could use a nap just thinking about all that!)

I am very happy that I can finally share some finished projects with you today!

If you've been following my COSCBWI posts, then you'll know the group has been working on a fairy tale/nursery rhyme/folk tale project.  The goal was to create a portfolio piece by putting a unique spin on a well-known story.  I chose "Hey Diddle Diddle."

"Shoot for the Moooon"

Unlike the actual nursery rhyme, my poor cow didn't quite make it over the moon...

If you've been hanging around this blog for a while, you may remember that I sketched this illustration during a similar COSCBWI project in 2013.  I've wanted to paint that sketch for over a year now, and this seemed like the perfect time to do so.  I had a lot of fun playing around with textures in this illustration, and trying my hand at a whimsical style for the background.  It was an udderly good time!

My other big project was creating concept art for my dear writing friend, Rick Morrison.  He's writing a very cool fantasy series that has some fascinating creatures.  One of these creatures is called a "Horgon."

It's a half-horse, half-dragon, super-awesome monster.  (I don't think I'd want to meet one in real life, though!)  Since most of my portfolio consists of cute and smiley critters, this dark beast was a fun challenge.

Now that these projects are done, it's time to jump into a bunch of new ones!  Between my writing, illustrating, and travel, this blog will probably stay quiet for another month or two.  But rest assured, I'll be toiling away in the background!  I can't wait to share my next batch of illustrations with you!

I hope all my readers are having a very lovely summer and enjoying a bit of sun!  Does anyone have fun travel plans or projects they're working on? 

Art is (c) me, Kathryn Powers.

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