Monday, May 12, 2014

April Art Round-Up

Since I shared my March art explosion with you all last month, I thought you might be interested to see what I was artistically up to in April.  Unfortunately, due to the loss of our wonderful pet and a very very (very) busy work schedule, I wasn't quite as creatively productive during my lunch breaks.  So instead of an art explosion, here is my April art-poof. 

I continued my animal sketch project with this happy fellow:

Then I decided to attempt something brand new.  I've always wanted to try a lineless, cut-paper illustration style, and I was in the mood to make some fan art.  A good deal of trial and error later brought me to this:

If you play The Legend of Zelda video games, then you know this is the main character's trusty steed, Epona, and fairy friend, Navi.  (And if you didn't know that, you should play the games anyway because they are all sorts of awesome.)  This style was quite challenging, but a fun experiment!  As I was adding the final touches, though, I realized I'd made a tragic error back when I set up the file.  (You know, before I even started drawing.)  A tragic, not-easily-fixable error.

And that made me crabby.  Very crabby.  So I drew this:

Arguably, most of April made me crabby...

Crabby Crab made me feel a bit better, so I put on my big girl panties and went back to fix my tragic error of the Epona and Navi piece.  The process was lengthy (and rather crabby), but everything turned out okay in the end, and I actually like the piece better now than how it looked before.  I don't think this will turn into my go-to style, but I'm definitely going to experiment with it some more in the future! 

And I shall never (ever) make that tragic mistake again.  (Or Crabby Crab will return...)

(Note: Epona, Navi and The Legend of Zelda are (c) Nintendo.)

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