Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013 COSCBWI Gallery Piece

Today, I'm happy to finally show you the big project I've been working on:

My 2013 COSCBWI Gallery Piece!

On November 2nd, 2013, the Central & Southern Ohio Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators is hosting a gallery at Amy Clark Photography Studio in the Short North.  While the gallery may be a few months off, the illustrations are due now to give writers ample time to create their part of the project.  (Which is to choose an illustration and write an accompanying short text or jacket copy.  How fun!)  The text and illustrations will be displayed together at the gallery event for everyone to see.  The theme is, "Open a Book to Find the Road Less Traveled," and I had a lot of fun making my gallery piece!

I knew I wanted to create something with animals for this project, and these little mice just popped into my head.  They're ready to embark on an adventure, and have their trusty "Explorer's Guide" to lead the way.  (And I have a feeling they'll encounter plenty of shenanigans along the road!)

You may have noticed that this style is a little different from my usual illustrations.  I've recently wanted to experiment with textures, and this was the perfect opportunity to try something new.  I aimed for a "digital watercolor" look, using a variety of brushes in Photoshop and tons of layering.  I also wanted to practice painting fur, which is something that's always intimidated me.  I rather like this softer-style, and I definitely think I'll play around with it some more in the future!

And now you know what's been keeping me (very) busy over the last month!  I can't wait to see the other gallery illustrations, and read the writers' pieces, too!  :)

Now, it's time to move on to my next project!  (Or take a little nap first...)

Note: Art is (c) Kathryn Powers. Please don't use it without my permission. Thanks!


  1. I guessed this might be your piece. It's lovely!

    1. Haha, I guess I ruined that whole anonymity thing, didn't I? ;)

      Thank you so much, Peggy! I'm glad you like it!

    2. So, since we're "talking," here's a question about the exhibition. I know the illustrators had a theme - something about books and the road less traveled. Do writers have to follow that same theme? That is, are we supposed to write about books and roads? Or can it be whatever the picture inspires?

  2. The gallery theme is "Open a Book to Find the Road Less Traveled." (Which I couldn't find on the new website, so I'll bring that to Linda's attention.) You definitely don't have to write about just books and roads, though. Write whatever the picture inspires. I just looked through our illustration submissions again, and there seems to be a good variety to choose from. (Books...roads...mermaids...puppies...and then some!) We really wanted to exhibit how writers all interpret each piece in a different way (just like the illustrators did for the theme), so be as creative as you'd like!

    Good luck! I know you'll come up with a great piece! :)

  3. Thanks. We'll see. I'm used to writing long pieces, so it's a bit of a struggle.