Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday "Beast of Bannock!"

Five years ago, I opened a blank document, took a deep breath, and wrote, "The moon rose bright in the purple sky over the distant mountains, casting a pale glow like a blanket over the sleeping valley."  It was the very first sentence of what ultimately became The Beast of Bannock.  As cliche as it may sound, it was truly one of those life-changing moments where nothing would ever be the same again.  
Now, half a decade later, I'm still toiling away on this same manuscript.  And while that first sentence has gone through countless changes (as have 99.9% of the other sentences), the heart and soul of Ellis' story remains the same.
You're probably asking two questions at this point: "Why?" and "Are you insane?"
To that, I answer with a shrug and, "Quite possibly."
This is a bittersweet time for me.  On the one hand, I can't believe I've spent five years on this manuscript!  On the other hand, I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE SPENT FIVE YEARS ON THIS MANUSCRIPT!  When I wrote that first sentence, I had no idea that the path to publication would be so winding, boulder-strewn, and filled with hidden snake pits and cobras that bite your tushy.  (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)  It takes a special kind of disposition (and yes, a touch of insanity) to keep climbing that mountain even when there's no guarantee you'll ever reach the summit.

Despite five years of daunting odds and tushy-biting cobras, I'm still not ready to give up on Ellis--not yet.  For reasons I can't put into words, I still believe in this one imaginary boy and want nothing more than to share his story with the world.
So close your eyes and make a wish, Ellis.  Maybe this year it will come true.


  1. Happy Birthday "Beast of Bannock!" Hang in there Kathryn. Your dream will come true... You are an incredibly talented writer!

  2. Thanks! Guess we'll have to wait and see if Ellis' wish comes true! (Although, I don't think I would want to eat any cake after he blew out those candles...)

  3. I am rooting for you...and Ellis!!!! It is worth the time and energy =)

  4. Thanks! Ellis thinks he's worth the time and energy, too! :)