Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7th Grade Kathryn Gets Crafty

Amidst the travel and ferret caregiving, I also had a special wedding gift project I was working on during the past few weeks.  My friend and I have gotten into the habit of sending each other Nintendo gifts over the years.  I give her a birthday Mario blanket, she gives me a Zelda plushie; I send her Yoshi slippers, she sends me a Bowser race car.  It's a fun game and I began looking for a Nintendo wedding gift as soon as she announced her wedding date.  Unfortunately, it appears Nintendo never launched a wedding-themed line of toys and the few items that are hand-crafted by individual artists are not wallet-friendly.  So, after gathering information and ideas online, I decided to make her a joke Mario wedding cake topper myself!
Despite some snafoos and a terrifying battle with foaming glue, it was fun to make.  7th Grade Kathryn hasn't gotten crafty in a while--and let's just say she got carried away.  She wasn't satisfied with a hand-sponged facade and plastic figures.  No siree!  She jumped up an down like Mario in his frog-suit and said, "Oooh!  Let's paint little faces on those mushrooms!"
"And put a tiny bow tie and veil on Mario and Peach!"
"And add a Yoshi-egg present on the back!"

Adult Kathryn groaned at 7th Grade Kathryn's boundless enthusiasm, but agrees the extra-effort (and lack of sleep) was worth it in the end.  :)  

A very happy wedding wish to my beloved Coggins!  May your love ever grow as if you ate a Mega Mushroom and your happiness never end like Rainbow Road!

All the above characters and names are owned by Nintendo.
I purchased the figures.  Everything else was hand-painted.


  1. i LOVE 7th grade kathryn!!! good work my dear :) my hubby thought this was brilliant too. wish i would have thought of it for daniels 13th birthday!!

  2. I've thought about commissioning them, but that might suck all the fun out of craft time for 7th Grade Kathryn...

  3. This piece of amazingness is currently residing next to all of my Nintendo consoles...fitting...I think so! Thanks again for the wonderful gift!!! 7th grade Lauren (as well as quarter-of-a-century old Lauren) LOVES this!