Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello and a very warm welcome to my blog!  I have a passion for children's literature and write middle grade fantasy--the awesome kind with talking animals and a generous dose of magic.  I am the Membership Coordinator of my local SCBWI chapter and attend conferences and workshops whenever possible, soaking up info like a ShamWow.  Though writing occupies much of my life, I have many other loves including reading, art, video games, recipe experimenting, and anything four-legged and fuzzy (particularly my rascally ferrets and super-sweet cavapoo).  I've learned over the years that too much of one thing ultimately turns out to be a bad thing (except where peach cobbler is concerned), so expect to see a healthy mix of topics grace my blog.  I may post about ferrets one day, a writing tip the next followed by my latest quesadilla concoction or a book review.  Eclectic?  You bet!  But if you stick around, I promise I'll do my best to inspire, enlighten and amuse you.

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  1. did i hear peach cobbler?? i better see some good recipes on this blog :)